Zurück Classy: Bright Golden Southsea Pearl Studs with Diamonds

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Einzelanfertigung unserer eigenen Designer/Goldschmiede!
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First, these studs are dominated by two golden southsea pearls - perfectly rounded, completely flawless, silky smooth skin, high gloss luster. One diamond each is set above.

The studs are closed by butterfly fasteners.

A precious piece of jewelry that is independent from any fashion trend.


  • Two golden Southsea Pearls, 10-11 mm diameter, spotless
  • 2 diamonds, 0,15 cts. h-si
  • Processing: Yellow Gold 14k
  • Weight: about 4-5 grams

This piece of jewelry will be crafted at the time of order. Delivery period: 4 - 6 weeks within Germany, 5 - 7 weeks outside Germany.

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