Top-class gem:


 Gigantic Diamond Pendant / Brooch with Impressive Dimensions

13,90 ct. G VS

Whitegold 18k


Brillanten Ring

mit lupenreinen


2.85 ct.



Black Diamond Ring with
natural brown & white Diamonds

4,27 ct. - Rosegold 18K

Diamond Heart Pendant

7,50 ct. G-SI

Whitegold 18K

Rose Quartz,
Smoky Quartz &
Diamond Bracelet

116,11 ct.
Rosegold 18K


Diamond Ring with        extra long Baguette Diamonds                             1.73 ct. G VVS   |   WG 18k

Diamond Bangle

11,00 ct. G-SI
Whitegold 18K


Green Amethyst Ring with Diamonds

23,91 ct. - Whitegold 18K


Diamond Bangle

with AAA

Southsea Pearl

(15 mm)


1.76 ct. G-SI

Rosegold 18K


Princess Diamond Eternity Ring

4,33 ct. G-VS - Whitegold 18K

Bluetopaz Diamond Necklace on a Silk Chain

99,92 ct.
Whitegold 18K

Tanzanite Ring with Diamonds

5,00 ct.
Whitegold 18K

Invisible Setting: High-end Diamond Pendant (full, baguette & princess cut)

3,98 ct. G-VS/VVS - Whitegold 18K

Ausnahmejuwel: Tahitiperle Ring mit Brillanten & schwarzen Diamanten

6.66 ct. Weißgold-750

Illusion Design: Diamond Dangling Earrings

2,28 ct. G-VS - Whitegold 18K

Southsea Pearl Studs with Diamonds

15 mm - 4,46 ct. G-VS

Whitegold 18K

Diamond Solitaire Ring

3,92 ct. G-I1/SI
Whitegold 18K

Dangling Earrings with pink & yellow Sapphires, 10,40 ct.

Yellow & Rosegold 18K

Dangling Earrings with
Southsea Pearls
and Diamonds

4,05 ct. G-VS
Whitegold 18K

Exquisite Diamond Eternity Ring  | 3.99 ct. TW VVS | Whitegold 18k

Diamond Stud Earrings
1,74 ct. G-VS/VVS
Whitegold 18K


Blue Diamond Solitaire (2,01 ct.) Ring with Diamonds (1,04 ct. G-VS)


Three Diamond
Eternity Rings

3,31 ct. H-SI
WG / YG / RG -14K

Dangling Earrings with Black & White Diamonds

4,04 ct. Whitegold 18K

Yellow & White Diamond Ring

2,98 ct. - Rosegold 18K

Luxury: High-end Key Pendant with Yellow and White Diamonds

4.85 ct. VVS, Whitegold 18K

                 Exclusive:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                our Fancy Yellow Diamond Collection

Diamond Ring

3,73 ct. G-VS/VVS
Whitegold 18K

Diamond Huggie Earrings

3,87 ct. H-SI

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