Top-class Jewel:

Exquisite Blue Diamond Solitaire Ring with Diamonds


Made to last forever:

Timeless Engagement Rings with Diamonds

     Top Class Diamond Bracelet with Baguette Diamonds

5.46 ct. G VS/VVS | Whitegold 18k

Extravagant: Black and White Diamond Snake Ring

Rose Quartz,
Smoky Quartz &
Diamond Bracelet

116,11 ct.
Rosegold 18K

Luxurious Diamond Ring

3,73 ct. G-VS/VVS  Whitegold 18K


Stately AAA Tanzanite Ring with Diamonds

Precious Jewel:

Amazing Dangling Earrings with Southsea Pearls and Diamonds


Stately Diamond Solitaire Ring

3,92 ct. G-I1/SI
Whitegold 18K

Classy and elegant or extravagant and stately:

Discover our exclusive diamond eternity rings


Precious Princess Diamond Eternity Ring

Exclusive Diamond Tennis Bracelet

9.31 ct. G VS | Whitegold 18k

Extravagant and opulent:

Stately Diamond Panther Ring with Rubies & Black Diamonds

Timeless Companions: Feminine Southsea Pearl Earrings


Impressive Green Amethyst Ring with Diamonds

23,91 ct. | Whitegold 18K


Tremendous Southsea Pearl Studs with Diamonds

15 mm | 4,46 ct. G VS


Stattliches Juwel:

Mehrreihiger Brillanten Ring in Gelbgold 750 (11.16 ct.)


Exquisite Diamond Hoop Earrings

Ø 54 mm

4,79 ct. G SI

Whitegold 18k

Exquisite Double Heart Diamond Ring in Rose- & Whitegold

Oversized Rubellite Ring with Diamonds

16.94 ct. | Rosegold 18k

Unique Diamond Heart Pendant in Rosegold 18k

Erstklassiger Brillanten Tropfen Anhänger mit Princess und Baguette Diamanten | 5.16 ct. TW VS | Weißgold 750

Illusion Design: Stunning Diamond Dangling Earrings

2.28 ct. G VS | Whitegold 18K

Mysterious shimmer, mesmerizing sparkle:

Discover our unique black diamond ring collection

Diamond Bangle

11,00 ct. G-SI
Whitegold 18K


Picture Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

2.57 ct. G SI | Yellowgold 18k

Luxury Jewel: Terrific Tahitian Pearl Ring with Black & White Diamonds

6.66 ct. | Whitegold 18k

Stately Diamond Hoop Earrings

3,87 ct. H SI
Yellowgold 18k

Splendid Diamond Eternity Ring | 10.60 ct. G VS

Luxury Jewel:

Magnificent Diamond Heart Pendant in Whitegold 18K

Exclusive: our "Fancy Yellow Diamond" Collection


Exquisite Yellow & White Diamond Ring

2,98 ct. | Rosegold 18K

High-end: Emerald Ring with Diamonds | 6.63 ct. | WG 18k


Elegant Tanzanite Ring with Diamonds

5,00 ct. | Whitegold 18K

Exquisite Diamond Eternity Ring  | 3.99 ct. TW VVS | Whitegold 18k

 Top-class gem:

 Gigantic Diamond Pendant / Brooch with Impressive Dimensions

13,90 ct. G VS

Whitegold 18k


Precious Ring

with flawless


2.85 ct.


Whitegold 18K

Opulent: Multirow Ring with black, natural brown & white Diamonds

4,27 ct. - Rosegold 18K

Tremendous Diamond Heart Bracelet (8.95 ct. G VS)

Bluetopaz Diamond Necklace on a Silk Chain

99,92 ct.
Whitegold 18K

Diamond Stud Earrings
1,74 ct. G-VS/VVS
Whitegold 18K


Tremendous Dangling Earrings with Black & White Diamonds


Diamond Ring with       extra long Baguette Diamonds                            1.73 ct. G VVS

Invisible Setting: High-end Diamond Pendant (full, baguette & princess cut)

3,98 ct. G-VS/VVS - Whitegold 18K

Sophisticated: Strawberry Style Dangling Earrings with Pink & Yellow Sapphires

Three Diamond
Eternity Rings

3,31 ct. H-SI
WG / YG / RG -14K

Luxury: High-end Key Pendant with Yellow and White Diamonds

4.85 ct. VVS | Whitegold 18K


Diamond Bangle with AAA Southsea Pearl

1.76 ct. G SI Rosegold 18K


Extra Wide Diamond Bangle in Rosegold  3.93 ct. G VS1

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