back Dreamlike: Extra wide Diamond Bangle in Rosegold

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Article No.: arm_75

Crafted and designed by our own goldsmiths. Suggested retail price at luxury retailers: 23 490,00 EUR

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The entire bracelet is made in the form of intertwined circles. On the front are these circles - apart interrupted - complete set with the finest diamonds.

The hoop is to apply these, opened on one side and then closed again.

The production is worked all solid and slightly oval. Here, this gem sits perfectly on the wrist, it can therefore also not rotate.

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Once again an exceptional gem - made with great attention to detail, in top quality and a unique design!

  • 256 full-cut diamonds, 3.93 cts. g-vs1
  • Processing: rose gold 18k
  • Width: 40 mm
  • Depth / Thickness: 4 mm
  • Diameter measured by the length: 62 mm
  • Weight: approximately 59.0 grams

This piece of jewelry will be crafted at the time of order. Delivery period: 4 - 6 weeks within Germany, 5 - 7 weeks outside Germany.