back Pure extravagance: Magnificent Dangling Earrings with Black & White Diamonds

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Crafted and designed by our own goldsmiths. Suggested retail price at luxury retailers: 11 000,00 EUR

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Another unique piece of our black and white - Collection: gorgeous earrings, set with gorgeous sparkling black diamonds and white diamonds, in a highly unusual Desgin.

First, there are top, front of the rear plugs / clip-clip closures (thus is a perfect fit and a most pleasant wearing comfort guaranteed), each curved, diamond-shaped white gold versions. These are set with deep black shimmering, perfectly cut black diamonds.

Among them, each connected by a diamond in Vollzarge, now hanging extra long, fully massive, elegantly curved white gold plates. These are paved on one side, two thirds of black diamonds.

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The fact continue running white gold bar and the opposite sides are now set with the finest white VVS diamonds.

All diamonds are set in the so-called micro-pavé setting, which means that there are no versions available, the surfaces are perfectly smooth and even - Quality you can see and feel.

A most extravagant and also unusual piece of jewelry.

  • 258 black diamonds, 2.45 cts.
  • 156 white full-cut diamonds, 1.59 cts. G-VVSI (carat weight engraved)
  • Crafted in: Whitegold 18K
  • Length: 4,50 cm
  • Width: 1.70 cm
  • Depth / Thickness: 4 mm
  • Weight: 12.30 grams

This piece of jewelry will be crafted at the time of order. Delivery period: 4 - 6 weeks within Germany, 5 - 7 weeks outside Germany.