Dear visitors,

there are many ways to demonstrate style. With our jewelry dreams, we present some of the most beautiful ones. And this already for more than 25 years. Whether you are looking for unusual sophistication or simple elegance, modern or classic, understatement or exciting glamour: our broad collection of the finest pieces of jewellery up to noble jewels has the right favourite piece for every style and personality.

Founded in 1995 near Munich, one thought has been at the center of our attention from the very beginning: individuality. For this reason, we specialized in unusual designs and extraordinary creations in the early years, which are guaranteed not to be seen on every corner. Noble jewellery, we are convinced, is an expression of personality. Nothing could stand in greater contrast to this than jewellery "off the peg". On the contrary, a piece of jewellery should and must be as unique as the woman who wears it. This idea drives us and is reliably reflected in all our designs. We would like to present you first-class jewellery that you will neither see nor find elsewhere. We see our online boutique not only as one of countless online shops, but as a place where you can discover new things, be surprised and inspired. Or, to put it in the words of a valued customer: "I really never look for anything in particular, yet I always something in your store."

Over the years, we have succeeded in constantly expanding our selection of fine jewellery. We currently offer around 1.100 different designs, ranging from timeless classics to opulent masterpieces. This enables us to provide the right "favourite piece" for every style and personality. And often it doesn't stop there: "You have such fantastic jewellery, the only problem is: I like so many things and I can't even make up my mind!" - Customer feedback like this reaches us again and again.

Our international contacts to professional stone cutters, excellent gemstone dealers and talented designers have also helped us to be able to offer new creations of first-class quality on an ongoing basis. Thanks to the close cooperation with our goldsmiths in San Francisco (USA), we are also able to create custom-made products as well as exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces and selected masterpieces. We use only the finest diamonds, flawless pearls and exquisite gemstones, which we check in detail beforehand to ensure their quality. In short: Selected materials, timelessly beautiful forms, extravagant designs and goldsmithing art at the highest level - these are the standards we set for our jewellery, not only to meet your high expectations, but also to exceed them.

At the same time, we are convinced that online does not mean anonymity - quite the contrary! Buying jewellery is a matter of trust, and trust is based on personal contact. In concrete terms, this means that customers are not anonymous order numbers. You don't have to do without the service you know "offline" from your local jeweller. Personal contact with our customers and individual consultation are our top priority. Since has been family-run from the beginning until today, we are able to describe this ideal not only in theory, but also to put it into practice.

Uncompromising commitment, first-class materials, masterful goldsmithing, unique designs, fascinating creations, personal service: this is our promise to each of our customers - so that jewellery dreams not only remain dreams, but also come true!

Yours sincerely

Gabriela Pyka

(founder and jeweller)