The decision to buy a valuable piece of jewelry is not just like any other decision. In the beginning, there’s fascination, maybe emotions and of course the moment a jewel casts a spell over you. At the same time, further considerations are an issue: What about safety? Will I be advised honestly? May I also address myself to the jeweler with individual questions and requests? Will the transaction take place quickly, safely, smoothly and easily? But what is it that distinguishes us on that score? Find out in the following.

1. Our jewelry is as unique as the woman who wears it

From the beginning of our business, one certain thought always had priority: individuality. We don’t just focus on excellent quality but equally on extravagant and outstanding designs. In short: on jewelry and jewels one doesn’t get to see at every turn. By working closely with our designers, goldsmiths, precious stone polishers stonesetting workers, we manage to present a large selection of exquisite jewelry that will not be available elsewhere. We believe that every piece of jewelry should be as unique as the woman who wears it. That’s why we also offer timeless pieces, e.g. hoop earrings or eternity rings, in unusual variants.

At the same time, we always strive to be ahead of the trend. We want to present innovative manufacturing techniques and trends before others do it. Therefore, we already offer

  • jewelry with black and natural brown diamonds / black diamonds since 2003,
  • Invisible- and microscope setting jewelry since 2006
  • exclusive “illusion design” jewelery since 2007
  • an exclusive "Yellow Diamond" collection since 2012 (which only few online jewellers in German speaking countries did at that time)
  • Our promise: You won’t find jewelry "off the shelf" within our selection.

2. Family business meets longstanding experience and highest Web 2.0 standards is a family business. This enables us to provide the highest possible degree of customer loyalty as it can equally be expected at the jeweller you trust. Seeking advice by phone, you won’t be placed on the hold for hours in order to wait for a stressed and unfriendly call center staff. Instead, you will get through to the owner’s family itself who will advise you individually, quickly and of course without obligation. In our business customers are no anonymous order numbers. We love to come to know you and your wishes better and will even remember your name years after our last contact.

In addition, buying jewelry is a matter of trust. For this reason, we guarantee the quality of our jewelry not only by certificate, but also with our name and our longstanding experience. In fact, our business ranks among the few high class web-only jewellers who entered the market even in 2002 when e-commerce, especially regarding valuable items, was only at its beginning. This online store was founded in 2002. But the founder and owner, Gabriela Pyka, serves her customers with fine jewelry up to noble jewels on eBay even since 1999. Today, this amounts to about 18 years of experience, zero negative reviews and highest customer satisfaction.   

At the same time we combine this level of personality and professionalism with the standards that you are accustomed to major online retailers. Immediately after having shipped your item, you will receive the respective tracking code in order to follow the delivery route of the package. Of course you can also check the current status of your order by logging in to your member’s account on this website.  

3. Realistic images instead of bad surprises

What holds true for our service and jewelry applies also to our images: individuality. We know that realistic images are essential to you. Therefore, all our jewelry is personally photographed by ourselves from all perspectives. Our pictures are neither "embellished" by the use of image processing programs nor enlarged unrealistically. We refrain from computer-generated pictures that have nothing to do with reality and provide customers with nothing but disappointment. Thanks to our images, you can feel certain that the piece of jewelry you might be interested in does exist and will look exactly as shown on the respective pictures. Especially when it comes to rings, you can figure out in advance how they look like when worn. Simply because we generally photograph our rings when worn on a natural woman’s hand and do not simply project them on a model with help of photo editing programs.

In consequence, we don’t just keep our return quota down extremely but also prevent our customers from nasty surprises when receiving a piece of jewelry.

4. Unique jewelry made ​​to customers’ specifications

You are in favor of an eternity ring, but you would find it even more beautiful when crafted in yellow, white or rose gold instead? You have discovered a design you really admire but would love to purchase it with another gemstone combination? You already own a piece of jewelry and wish now to buy a matching ring or pendant? No problem! Due to our close cooperation with our goldsmiths and designers, we are able to customize jewelry and even to create unique pieces of jewelry according to your specifications. Whether it’s just about another gemstone or a completely new item – we are happy to advise you, provide you with a precise quote (including estimated carat weight and total price) without obligation and look forward to making your jewelry dream come true.