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Why can I choose a color variant regarding tahitian pearl jewelry?

How do I calculate my ring size?

Are all the rings available in all sizes?

Why are full eternity rings only available in size 6 to 7?

What does the size information in your product descriptions mean?

Why does high-end jewelry on “” come at such reasonable prices?

How do you know the sales value of a piece of jewelry?

Why is the jewelry at “” always described as being “exclusive”?

How come that “” offers next to classy designs constantly all the latest jewelry designs, too?

Are the pictures of the jewelry authentic, especially regarding the colors?

Are pieces of jewelry also available in different variations?

Can I see one or more pieces of jewelry in person?


Why can I choose a color variant regarding tahitian pearl jewelry?

Tahitian pearls have a very wide color range. The most common color is anthracite with differently lighter and darker silver overtones. To meet your needs better, it is possible to communicate your color preference when ordering. 

farbe pr127

light medium silver gray

farbe pa98


farbe pa50

dark anthracite / black

farbe peacockset



You can choose from the following colors:

- Light-medium silver gray shimmering
- Anthracite-silver shimmer
- Dark anthracite-black shimmering or
- Peacock-green (peacock feather green)


However, please keep in mind: Pearls are a natural product and no pearl resembles another pearl. We will however do our best in order to meet your wish on that score.

Unfortunately we can not provide appropriate illustrations of all sorts of colors available for each piece of jewelry. The shades may vary again and again. We therefore have provided one piece of jewelry each that go for examples for each color shade (check the pics on the left side).


Please note:

If you plan to choose a piece of jewelry with Tahitian pearls in the following colors:

- Very light silver gray
- Dark anthracite-black shimmering and
- Peacock-green (peacock feather green, the most desirable and therefore most expensive color),

there may be delivery delays as these colors occur even more rarely and it therefore might take longer until these pearls are found (especially regarding several identical pearls required for sets and necklaces) and then used for the manufacturing of the jewelry you ordered.

Since we source our pearls directly from pearl farms, we guarantee to offer you a wide selection of Tahitian and South Sea pearls in all sizes and colors imaginable.

All our Tahitian and Southsea Pearl jewelry presented is made using only pearls of the finest AAA quality. This means that we offer ONLY flawless to nearly flawless quality in regards of form, color and luster. You will never receive baroque pearls or pearls with deformations, grooves, holes, notches or significant blemishes. Only such pearls that have a very good luster and are perfectly rounded as wells as free from inclusions to 95% are rated as AAA quality. This is exactly the kind of quality we always use for every piece of pearl jewelry.


Find out more about Tahitian pearls by visiting our “pearl information” page.

How do I caclulate my ringsize?

Determine your ring size quickly, easily and safely!

In contrast to pendants or bracelets, the respective size really matters when it comes to rings. The size of a ring is correct if it can easily be peeled off and put on the one hand, if one doesn’t lose and feel it on the other hand.

For determining your ring size, please take a ring that fits you well and measure its inner diameter with the help of a ruler – this means: from the inner edge to the opposite inner edge. Afterwards you can determine your ring size by referring to the following table. If you want to order a ring and are not sure regarding the German ring size system, you can also note your US- or UK- ring size in the “further remarks” box which appears during the ordering procedure.

Inside Diameter (mm)  Ringsize Germany Ringsize USA & Canada  Ringsize UK & Australia
 14,60 mm  46  3,75  G I ½
 15,00 mm  47  4  H
 15,30 mm  48  4,5  I ½
 15,60 mm  49  5  J ½
 15,90 mm  50  5,25  K
 16,25 mm  51  5,75  L
 16,50 mm  52  6  L ½
 16,80 mm  53  6,5  M ½
 17,20 mm  54  6,75  N
 17,50 mm  55  7,25  O
 17,80 mm  56  7,5  O ½
 18,10 mm  57  8  P ½
 18,50 mm  58  8,25  Q - Q ½
 18,80 mm  59  8,75  R
 19,10 mm  60  9  R ½
 19,40 mm  61  9,5  S ½
 19,75 mm  62  10  T ½
 20,10 mm  63  10,25  U - U ½
 20,40 mm  64  10,75  V


Are all the rings available in all sizes?

Basically, you can order all rings - except full eternity rings - from size 46 up to 66 (US: 3.75 – 10.75). However, rings that are in stock and can be delivered fast are mostly available in average sizes (52 – 58 / US: 6 – 8,25) but can be resized depending on the specific style. Please note that rings in non-standard sizes (this means: really small, from 46-51 / US 3.75 – 5.75 or rather big, from 59-66 / US 9.75 – 10.75) are only made on customer's request. They are typically not in stock and their price may be adjusted due to a lower or higher gold or/and carat weight.

Why are full eternity rings only available in size 6 to 7?

Full eternity rings are rings that are set with diamonds all around. Thus, the number of diamonds and the required gold weight depend on the ring size. Due to that, prices vary along with the ring size since the price depends on the total carat weight and gold weight as well. The very same ring may be set with 2 carat in US size 5.5 but already set with 3 carats when crafted in US size 9. Depending on the size, stately price differences may occur. This especially applies to very wide or painstakingly crafted rings (such as bands that are set with diamonds in several cuts) that our eternity collection consists of for the most part.

If you are interested in an eternity band which we don’t offer in your size, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just let us know your ring size. We’ll promptly quote a price and the carat weight based on your ring size without obligation. This way (individual quotation upon request) we can maintain best value for money since the amount really is related to the carat weight the respective ring will definitely have. If we would offer these rings at flat rate prices for all sizes instead, we couldn’t offer such precise prices. That's why we offer only the most desired sizes (6 - 7) and handle all other sizes individually.

What does the size information in your product descriptions mean?

We know that detailed product descriptions are essential for you. Since our customers are not able to see the respective piece of jewelry in person before, it is even more important to close this gap by providing exact descriptions that give customers a precise idea of the item. This holds true especially regarding the dimension statements. We always measure the dimensions of the ring head as well as the band of a ring. When describing pendants and earrings, we always state the respective length, width and depth. If you're not sure what terms like "height of the ring head" or "dimensions of the bail" mean, the following images might be helpful.

Tip: In order to get an accurate idea of a piece of jewelry, it is even more helpful to draw a little skatch according to our size statements. A piece of paper, a ruler and a pencil are enough to make sure that the piece of jewelry you're interested in is not too big or too small.



height ringhead           lengthwidth ringhead




ringband2          ringband1




earrings dimensions          earrings height


                                      earrings height2 




                                      pendant height


                                                    pendant dimensions


Why does high-end jewelry on “” come at such reasonable prices?

Since our company has become well established within the international ecommerce business over the years and we constantly delight in a growing number of new customers from overseas, we meanwhile employ our own jewelry designers as well as excellent goldsmiths. In other words, we are able to exclude the intermediate trade (= production – wholesale – retail – customer) completely due to the first-hand manufacturing. Thus we can pass over the price savings arising from this fact directly to our customers.

In addition, our longstanding experience and our close contact to international suppliers enable us to provide our long term customers as well as new customers with best value for money.

Not least, our prices result from on our business model. sells jewelry solely via internet. Thus, unlike retail stores, we don’t have to bear costs such as rent, staff, security, insurance etc., which of course have a huge stake in the price one is charged for jewelry in a retail store. That means: At our store, you only the pay the price of a piece of jewelry including taxes, but not the additional cost of a jewelry retail store.

How do you know the sales value of a piece of jewelry?

The sales values mentioned in each of our product descriptions ​​are stated according our manufacturers’ specifications taking the materials required (gemstones, diamonds, gold, pearls etc.) as a basis.

These sales values do definitely reflect the prices one would be charged for the respective or a similar piece of jewelry at reputable jewelry retailers. The significant difference between the indicated sales values and our prices arises from the fact that retail jewellers compute their prices in a completely different way. So the sales values stated on our website are not above average or figments of the imagination but definitely realistic.

An dieser Stelle sei auch ausdrücklich erwähnt, dass wir es sehr begrüßen, wenn Sie einmal ein von erworbenes Schmuckstück einem Gutachter beziehungsweise einem gemologischen Institut zur Überprüfung vorlegen. Sie werden definitiv überrascht sein, welch gute Qualität Sie zu einem erstaunlich günstigen Preis erhalten haben. (Die Aussage eines Juweliers ist dagegen wenig relevant, da Sie – je nach Ort und Lage des Juweliers – bei ein und demselben Schmuckstück von beispielsweise fünf verschiedenen Juwelieren fünf zum Teil stark voneinander abweichende Wertangaben erhalten werden.)

Why is the jewelry at “” always described as being “exclusive”?

In the course of the years, we have been specializing in the supply of extravagant, high-end jewelry up to noble jewels that are equivalently available at upscale jewelry retailers only.

Of course you will also find timelessly elegant pieces of jewelry that are wearable always and everywhere – still most of them also attract attention due to their exceptional design. Needless to say even those rather classy pieces are manufactured with the use of very good materials.

How come that “” offers next to classy designs constantly all the latest jewelry designs, too?

Our owner, Mrs. Gabriela Pyka, regularly visits the largest jewelry shows all around the globe in order to learn about the latest trends. This not only inspires us. It also enables us to not only follow the trend but even be ahead of it.

Are the pictures of the jewelry authentic, especially regarding the color?

All pictures are photographed by ourselves using solely natural daylight. They are not boosted unrealistically through the use of image editing programs

Please note the information given regarding the color when checking our rich gemstone jewelry selection.

Regarding Tahitian Pearls, please check the information stated above.

South Sea pearls vary from silver-white to cream-white to rich gold tones.

Südseeperlen variieren von silber-weiß über creme-weiß bis hin zu satten Goldtönen.

Are pieces of jewelry also available in different variations?

It is of course possible to customize most of our items regarding the gold (white, yellow or rose, 14K or 18K), the gemstones, the size and the pearls. To do so, please do not hesitate to contact

Can I see one or more pieces of jewelry in person?

This is unfortunately not possible. We sell our jewelry solely online and may therefore - in contrast to a retail jewelry shop - not offer the possibility of a personal presentation. Our selection presented here currently includes more than 1,100 pieces of jewelry, so it would be impossible to have each and every piece in stock. In addition, a personal view of our wide product range would not only be impossible logistically, but also for safety reasons. If we were forced to have every piece of jewelry in stock, we would not be able to present and offer such a wide selection at the same time. We hope for your understanding.

However, exceptions to this may be possible in individual cases. Just contact us, we will certainly find a satisfactory solution for you.