Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary or another special occasion – there are only few women who would not be excited about a beautiful piece of jewelry. Moreover, exquisite jewelry is not just of substantial, but also of emotional value. Fashion trends come and go. But a valuable piece of jewelry that remembers of love or special moments (i.e. the birth of a child) lasts forever. There’s hardly a gift idea that could be more romantic.

Festive: Delivery periods during Christmas Season

Christmas is high season for everyone in the jewelry Doppelherz Brillanten Ring, WG/RG 750business – the same applies, of course, to our goldsmiths as well. That’s why we kindly ask you to address and/or place your possible Christmas order preferably early.

Usually our delivery terms for pieces that are not in stock average between four and six weeks. The same applies during Christmas season. However, we recommend a possible early purchase in order to prevent stress or worries.

At the same time, lots of pieces are in stock and can be delivered within 5 to 10, 14 days at the latest (outside Germany) during Christmas season as well. You can check these pieces in our special "in stock" item categorys.

This way it’s also possible to place orders in December and to receive them in time. Please mind the respective delivery term that is stated in every single item description for this purpose.

Individual: One of a kind jewelry according to customer’s specifications

We believe that every piece of jewelry should be as individual as the woman who wears it. That’s why we offer the possibility to customize jewelry – this means: crafting jewelry according to a customer’s wishes that is therefore absolutely unique. If you are looking for a distinctive gift with a personal touch, you can hardly do wrong with a unique piece of jewelry. We’d be happy to assist you in order to make your individual jewelry dream come true.


Sophisticated: Pieces of jewelry out of sets

 bo 44 set

Earrings matching with a ring, a bracelet corresponding with a necklace – also most of our customers appreciate the idea of purchasing jewelry from a set. Elegance is not only demonstrated by the choice of jewelry, but also by the way it is combined. Especially the latter is supposably easy when owning a set.

In addition to that, pieces of jewelry from sets make a sophisticated gift – for a simple reason: If a lady already owns a ring from our large collection, she will surely be happy about exactly matching studs for Christmas.

Lots of our jewelry is offered in the form of two- up to five-piece-sets. If we also offer a matching ring, pendant etc., we always state this fact in the respective item description. In case we do not offer a matching piece of jewelry, it’s no problem to craft it upon request.