Edles Multicolor-Zuchtperlen- Brillanten Collier

Edles Multicolor-Zuchtperlen- Brillanten Collier

Ein wunderschönes Perlencollier, gerade durch die Brillanten zwischen den Perlen ein Blickfang der Extraklasse!

25 Multicolor-Zuchtperlen, 9-10 mm Durchmesser, allerbeste Qualität

104 Diamanten im Brillant-Vollschliff 0,70 cts.tw-si

Verarbeitung: Weißgold-585

Gesamtlänge: 40 cm

Gewicht: ca. 39,20 Gramm

Und wenn Sie mögen, so finden Sie hier im Shop exakt passende Ohrgehänge mit jeweils drei oder vier edlen Multicolor-Zuchtperlen sowie dazugehöriges Armband. Außerdem finden Sie dieses Collier auch mit 28 Zuchtperlen (45 cm). Weiterhin finden Sie dieses Collier (bzw. das gesamte Set) auch mit strahlend weißen Zuchtperlen in 40 cm und 45 cm Länge.

Sollte dieses Schmuckstück gerade nicht vorrätig sein, so beträgt die Anfertigungs-/Lieferzeit je nach Aufwand 4-6 Wochen.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass Perlen ein Naturprodukt sind und keine Perle exakt der anderen gleicht. Daher können die Perlenfarben immer ein wenig differieren; wir werden Ihnen allerdings garantiert ein Collier in wundervoller Farbharmonie übersenden.

SKU: pk155

Designed and crafted in our manufactory, exclusively available only at our online store: This piece of jewelry is manufactured by our goldsmiths with great attention to detail and in exquisite, long term proven quality. Of course you will receive a certificate of authenticity with your purchase.

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In contrast to pendants or bracelets, the respective size really matters when it comes to rings. The size of a ring is correct if it can easily be peeled off and put on the one hand, if one doesn’t lose and feel it on the other hand.

For determining your ring size, please take a ring that fits you well and measure its inner diameter with the help of a ruler – this means: from the inner edge to the opposite inner edge. Afterwards you can determine your ring size by referring to the following table. If you want to order a ring and are not sure regarding the German ring size system, you can also note your US- or UK- ring size in the “further remarks” box which appears during the ordering procedure.

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14,60 mm 46 3,75 G I ½
15,00 mm 47 4 H
15,30 mm 48 4,5 I ½
15,60 mm 49 5 J ½
15,90 mm 50 5,25 K
16,25 mm 51 5,75 L
16,50 mm 52 6 L ½
16,80 mm 53 6,5 M ½
17,20 mm 54 6,75 N
17,50 mm 55 7,25 O
17,80 mm 56 7,5 O ½
18,10 mm 57 8 P ½
18,50 mm 58 8,25 Q - Q ½
18,80 mm 59 8,75 R
19,10 mm 60 9 R ½
19,40 mm 61 9,5 S ½
19,75 mm 62 10 T ½
20,10 mm 63 10,25 U - U ½
20,40 mm 64 10,75 V

Why can I choose a color variant regarding tahitian pearl jewelry?

Tahitian pearls have a very wide color range. The most common color is anthracite with differently lighter and darker silver overtones. To meet your needs better, it is possible to communicate your color preference when ordering.

You can choose from the following colors:

dark anthracite-black     peacock-green

                  dark anthracite-black                 peacock-green (peacock feather green)

peacock-green (peacock feather green)     anthracite-silver

  anthracite-silver                                   light-medium silver grey

However, please keep in mind: Pearls are a natural product and no pearl resembles another pearl. We will however do our best in order to meet your wish on that score.

Unfortunately we can not provide appropriate illustrations of all sorts of colors available for each piece of jewelry. The shades may vary again and again. We therefore have provided one piece of jewelry each that go for examples for each color shade (check the pics above).

Since we source our pearls directly from pearl farms, we guarantee to offer you a wide selection of Tahitian and South Sea pearls in all sizes and colors imaginable.

All our Tahitian and Southsea Pearl jewelry presented is made using only pearls of the finest AAA quality. This means that we offer ONLY flawless to nearly flawless quality in regards of form, color and luster. You will never receive baroque pearls or pearls with deformations, grooves, holes, notches or significant blemishes. Only such pearls that have a very good luster and are perfectly rounded as wells as free from inclusions to 95% are rated as AAA quality. This is exactly the kind of quality we always use for every piece of pearl jewelry.

Find out more about Tahitian and other precious pearls by visiting our “pearl information” page.


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Product Details

25 große zart-pastellfarbige Multicolor-Zuchtperlen, wunderschön harmonisch abgestimmter Farbverlauf, völlig makellos mit allerbestem Hochglanzlüster reihen sich über die Gesamtlänge dieser feinen Perlenkette.

Jede einzelne Perle ist für sich in ein stabiles Weißgoldkörbchen gesetzt, d.h. die Perlen sind sicher befestigt, ein etwaiger Verlust ist also völlig ausgeschlossen. Miteinander verbunden sind die Perlen nun durch solide Weißgoldglieder, welche in einem äußerst aparten Design mit Brillanten besetzt sind.

Geschlossen wird die Kette durch einen stabilen Sicherheitsverschluss, gesichert zusätzlich oben und unten durch zwei Sicherheits-Achten. Die Kette trägt sich äußerst geschmeidig und liegt wunderbar schwer am Dekolleté an, kippt keinesfalls, eben aufgrund ihres stattlichen Gewichtes.

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High-end jewelry is above all a question of trust. At the same time, it should be as unique as the woman who wears it. When shopping in our store, you won't find 'off-the-shelf' jewelry or customer service hotlines that keep you on hold for hours. As a family operated business, we are happy to provide you with professional advice: personally, in detail and in accordance with your individual needs. And if you like, we will of course also customize each of our pieces based on your specifications - for example with a gemstone of your choice, larger or smaller and of course in all types of gold (white, yellow or rose gold 14k/18k as well as platinum 950). Moreover, it would be a pleasure for us to work together with you when it comes to a completely new, custom made piece of jewelry. We look forward to hearing from you!

Do not hesitate to give us a call: +49 (0)89 605187
Or just send us a message: info@schmucktraeume.com

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There are many ways to prove style - but only a few are made to last forever. Your new piece of jewelry should give you as much pleasure years later as it did on the first day. Gollowing this credo, we only use first-class diamonds, gemstones and pearls which are accurately handled by our experienced goldsmiths and stone setters.

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A piece of jewelry should be as individual as the woman who wears it. That's why from the very beginning we have focused on unique designs and unusual shapes that catch the eye. Timeless elegance and sophisticated chic do not have to be a contradiction in terms. You will certainly not spot our creations on every corner.

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We guarantee not only with a certificate, but also with our name. Schmucktraeume.com was founded in 2002 and has been family owned and operated ever since. To us, customers are not anonymous order numbers. Even online, you don't have to do without the service you enjoy at your local jewelry store. Personal contact and individual customer service are our top priorities.