Store Information

Dear Customers,

we hereby allow ourselves to kindly point out that all our items presented here are individual, extravagant as well as extremely high-quality pieces of jewelry. They are mostly handmade by our goldsmiths and manufacturers using very good up to excellent gemstones, diamonds and pearls. So-called "mass productions" or "jewelry from the rack" will not be found here.

In addition, our selection also includes unique items that are created by our designers and crafted by our goldsmiths. Such jewels are not available or offered elsewhere – you won’t even find them at specialist jewellers.

Furthermore, we ensure that all our jewelry presented here is photographed by ourselves. This means that we do not photograph or scan pictures from magazines or catalogues but take authentic pictures of our jewelry by ourselves.

All images and texts are in the company’s personal property and are subject to the copyright and the right of use. Any unauthorized redistribution or copying of images and individual text sections will immediately be admonished and prosecuted by civil law.

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